Since 2006, Spic n Span extended its range of services to include contract and general cleaning services which now forms part of our core business and include major corporate clients in Port Moresby. Recently, we have ventured into providing General Pest Control and chemicals supply.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

· All wear
· Formal wear
· Blankets
· Quilt/pillow
· Wedding gowns
· Sheets/curtains
· Carpet (Specially services for hotels, same day service. Collection and delivery)

Onsite Cleaning

· Commercial Building and residential homes
· Car andboat detailing
· Glass and window cleaning on sky rise buildings
· Carpet vacuuming & shampooing
· Furniture andupholstery cleaning
· Deep kitchen cleaning

Contract Cleaning

Cleaners engage for office and residential home cleaning for contract duration of 2-3 years. Chemicals and equipment's provide onsite. Supplying rechargeable, consumable for cleaning upon client request.

Other Services Offered

· General Pest Control Service
· Mosquito Treatment (Fogging)
· Waste Management
· Landscaping and gardening
· Fumigation

Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Performance Measurement Procedures

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